The present church came into existence in January 1966, with the amalgamation of 4 churches, (Cowhill, Eaves Lane, Washbrook and Turf Lane) with members from Edward Street joining following the closure of their church in 1967. The amalgamation came about primarily because of ageing and declining congregations, lack of finance and poor maintenance of the buildings.

In September 1951 Rev Roy Dew, was appointed to the then Oldham West Circuit, to work among four churches (Eaves Lane, Washbrook, Turf Lane and New Moston) he remained until August 1954. During that period these churches experienced a spiritual revival when a number of young and older people from both inside and outside the church, came into a conversion experience. Not enough emphasis can be laid on the work that evolved during the ministry of Roy Dew. A number of young men went into the Methodist ministry, others became Local Preachers and still others took up important positions within their local church and circuit. It was through these people in positions of authority, who were to influence the amalgamation.

The churches that formed the new South Chadderton Methodist church (New Moston became part of the North Manchester Circuit) from January 1966 to December 1969, held their meetings in the premises that had been the Washbrook church.

Over the period from Roy Dew leaving in 1954 to the opening of the new church in 1970 a number of ministers played a vital role in shaping the future church.

Following Roy Dew, came Rev Reginald Cole, 1954-1956, an ageing man with failing eyesight.

Rev Stanley T Struthers, 1956-1963 who was instrumental in bringing the various churches together for conversations and became influential in smoothing out some of the dissenting voices.

He was succeeded by the Rev David Watkinson 1963-1967. David brought with him some valuable experience in amalgamating societies and together with the Superintendent Minister of the circuit, the Rev Wilfred McKee, oversaw the necessary negotiations with Chadderton Urban District Council, to secure the sale of the buildings, the purchase of the present church site and together with other members of the church, liaised with the architects. In respect for the work that David did his name is commemorated on the foundation stone.

Prior to the completion of the building project came the Rev Geoffrey Jones 1968-1982, who did valuable work in establishing South Chadderton Methodist Church.

All of the churches involved in the amalgamation had at some time in their history been active in evangelising their respective areas. They in turn, came into existence as a result of the various branches of the then Methodist church i.e. Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist, New Connexion/United Methodist, reaching out into Oldham and the surrounding environs.

In this brief history I want to link the individual churches with their parent church and hopefully give an insight into how the churches evangelised and eventually coming down to the present church.

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South Chadderton Methodist Church - History Of Our Church



South Chadderton Methodist Church - History Of Our Church



South Chadderton Methodist Church - History Of Our Church

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South Chadderton Methodist Church - History Of Our Church

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South Chadderton Methodist Church - History Of Our Church

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